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All sales by EDA Technologies LLC are subject to the following Standard Terms and Conditions (collectively “Terms”). “Goods” means any products sold by EDA Technologies LLC “Customer” refers to any person or entity purchasing Goods from EDA Technologies LLC

Agreement. All sales of Goods from EDA Technologies LLC to Customer are governed by and subject to these Terms, as may be amended from time to time by EDA Technologies LLC which form a binding agreement between EDA Technologies LLC and Customer (the “Agreement”). This Agreement incorporates by reference all additional terms and conditions stated in applicable price lists, product catalogs, order acknowledgments, electronic data interchange directives, and other documentation furnished by EDA Technologies LLC to Customer (“Additional Terms”), if any. These Terms govern in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any Additional Terms. This Agreement is a complete and exclusive statement of the terms and conditions of the agreement between EDA Technologies LLC and Customer. Any changes to this Agreement are binding only if written and signed by both parties. Terms that are printed on or otherwise contained in a purchase order, or other document prepared by Customer in additional to, in conflict with or inconsistent with these terms shall be inapplicable and shall have no force or effect. Customer’s acceptance of delivery of, or full or partial payment for, the Goods shall constitute Customer’s acceptance of these Terms.

Orders. All orders must be by written purchase order or online shopping cart submitted by Customer to EDA Technologies LLC and all orders are subject to final approval by EDA Technologies LLC in EDA Technologies LLC sole discretion. Following approval by EDA Technologies LLC,  orders may not be changed or canceled without the written approval of EDA Technologies LLC.

Shipments & Delivery. EDA Technologies LLC. will deliver Goods to Customer by the method of shipment and routing determined by EDA Technologies LLC, except as otherwise specifically agreed in writing between EDA Technologies LLC and Customer. Customer shall pay EDA Technologies LLC for all delivery charges as established by EDA Technologies LLC and stated in the invoice or determined by EDA Technologies LLC as Free Shipping on certain goods as promoted in writing or as advertised. Shipments are subject to the standard limitations on loss or liability imposed by the carrier. Any Delivery dates specified in an order acknowledgment are estimates only and time is not of the essence. EDA Technologies LLC may deliver all of the Goods at one time or in portions from time to time. All deliveries are subject to modifications or cancellation due to events beyond EDA Technologies LLC’s reasonable control, including force acts of God and other force majeure events. Under no circumstances shall EDA Technologies LLC be liable for any loss of profit or property, or for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other damages caused by any delay or failure to deliver on a specific date. If Customer causes or requests a delay, Customer shall reimburse EDA Technologies LLC for all resulting damages, including without limitation, payment of reasonable storage expenses for the Goods during the period of delay or interruption. EDA Technologies LLC reserves the right to charge, and Customer shall pay a drop shipment fee on all drop shipments in addition to normal freight charges, in an amount in effect pursuant to EDA Technologies LLC’s policies at the time of charge.

Credits, Returns, Exchanges and Refunds. Claims for credits, returns, exchanges and refunds will be considered by EDA Technologies LLC only if: (1) received by EDA Technologies LLC within thirty (30) days of ship date or date of delivery of the specific goods that are the subject of such claim and (2) submitted to EDA Technologies LLC with a complete description identifying the specific goods and the reason that the Customer is claiming such credit, exchange or refund. ALL RETURNS MUST BE APPROVED AND RMA (RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION) NUMBER ISSUED BY ELECTRONICS GROUP, INC.. Credits, exchanges and refunds may be denied by EDA Technologies LLC in EDA Technologies LLC’s sole discretion and, without limiting the foregoing, will be denied without review if not submitted within the thirty (30) day period with required descriptions and authorized RMA number. Credits can be used toward future purchases or refunded back to the same payment method used in the original purchase. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs for returned goods which must be by an approved courier (UPS, USPS, FEDEX, or DHL). Any legal suit, action or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Contract shall be instituted, upon the location of the Seller (EDA Technologies LLC), in accordance with the seller’s pertinent place of business in the State of Florida. Any legal action shall be commenced in the courts of the State of Florida in each case located in the county of Martin.

Damaged & Defective Goods. Any damaged or defective goods must be reported to the merchant WITHIN 30 DAYS OF RECEIPT of merchandise. Prior authorization from EDA Technologies LLC for defective or damaged Goods is required. If a return is approved, EDA Technologies LLC will authorize the return of Goods and will forward Customer an authorization number and/or emailed or mailed shipping label or Call Tag. Damaged Goods should be shipped back or picked up in cartons marked “DAMAGED” and be marked with the applicable authorization number. If EDA Technologies LLC’s inspection reveals no legitimate reason to issue credit, EDA Technologies LLC will inform Customer that there is “No Credit” and such Goods will be immediately disposed of unless: (1). Customer has specifically requested that all “No Credit” Goods be returned to Customer, or (2). Customer has enclosed a note with the Goods requesting that specific Goods be returned if “no credit” can be allowed. Return of “No Credit” Goods shall be at Customer’s expense. All authorized stock returns and all returns of damaged and defective Goods must be shipped in compliance with EDA Technologies LLC’s returned goods procedure to the address so directed by EDA Technologies LLC The customer may request either a refund, credit or exchange for any goods determined damaged or defective within 30 days of the returned delivery date of the returned goods.

WarrantyEDA Technologies LLC warrants that upon delivery the Goods will be free from defects in material and workmanship under proper and normal use for 30 days upon receipt of goods under EDA Technologies LLC’s “no fault” policy. Goods shall be considered “defective” if the defect materially impairs the value of the Goods for their intended use to Customer or the end-user. EDA Technologies LLC further warrants that all Goods and services will be produced and furnished in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The customer may request either a refund or exchange of defective goods. After, the first 30 day period after delivery, the manufacturer of said goods may honor its own manufacturer’s warranty for the items purchased. Manufacturer’s warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and can be from one year to five years under the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions which are disclosed to the customer on the formal invoice. EDA Technologies LLC does not offer any extended warranties outside the manufacturer’s own warranty period.

Remedies. In accordance with the terms of the limited warranty stated above (“Warranty), EDA Technologies LLC will repair, replace or refund any defective Goods, in EDA Technologies LLC’s  sole discretion, provided that written notice of the defect is received by EGI EDA Technologies LLC within thirty (30) days of the appearance of such defect. If notice is not given within such period, any claim for breach of warranty shall be conclusively deemed to have been waived and EDA Technologies LLC shall not be liable under this Warranty. EDA Technologies LLC’s  liability for any defect in Goods, whether based on contract, tort, warranty, strict liability, or any other theory, shall not exceed the purchase price of the defective Goods. No representative, agent or dealer of EDA Technologies LLC has authority to modify, expand, or extend this Warranty, to waive any of the limitations or exclusions of this Warranty, or to make any different or additional warranties with respect to any Goods or services furnished by EDA Technologies LLC.